About Us

From childhood friends to entrepreneurial partners, founders Fatima and Mawukle are two young black entrepreneurs who have started Flare & Square in hopes to offer bundles and custom suits to clients in order to save time, money, and effort to look their best. 

It all started when Mawukle started his career in the corporate world and needed a fit that symbolized professionalism, capability, and confidence. However, decent products that symbolized these looks were overpriced. Fatima helped him out by designing pocket squares that provided quality, affordability, and unique style. The originality behind the designs stem from Mawukle’s Ghanaian immigrant background and Fatima’s knowledge gained from studying fashion at the Denver School of Arts. In hopes to help others showcase authority, capability, and confidence - Flare & Square was started. 

Aside from empowering their clients through fashion, Flare & Square focuses on building a community that turns into family. By buying Flare & Square's products and supporting our mission, you are improving your style while helping to improve the lives of others in our community, both locally and globally. Thank you!


Flare & Square